Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Invisible Surfers - Dirty Fuse : Live at AN Club 13 -01 - 2012


The Invisible Surfers were created in 1992 by Alex Berekos initially as a Link Wray Tribute Band. They released their first 7 inch, in 1996, titled “It Won’t Last Forever”. The sizzling instrumental tracks landed the band from Athens, Greece some great gigs with the Cramps, the Fuzztones, Dead Moon, Apollo 440, the Flaming Stars, Marky Ramone, Supergrass, and Question Mark and the Mysterians. In 2002, they released their first LP, “Dogs Killa Cat,” which featured 12 original tracks and a couple of Link Wray classics “Rumble” and “Malaguena”.

Andreas Zorbas (NYC) took over as manager in 2004 to help the surfers ride the US wave. He got the band a deal with No Fun Records out of Detroit; it was a split with Los Kahunas out of Argentina. The band has three new singles on three new compilations, “Akis Panou” will be on Fuzz’n’Surf Records out of Germany and “Trippin’ Out of You” featured in a DVD, titled “I Was a Teenage Monster T-Shirt Painter” dedicated to Von Franco, which will be released by Mad Society Music out of California. The third track was for Rubble. Andreas I know you’ve been champing at the bit, well here it is.

They released their second full album “Till That Day” on the US Go-Kustom label during March 2009.


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