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Los Angeles is the debut album of the American punk rock band X, released on April 26, 1980. Produced by ex-Doors keyboard player Ray Manzarek, it includes a cover of the 1967 Doors song "Soul Kitchen".

By the late '70s, punk rock and hardcore were infiltrating the Los Angeles music scene.

Such bands as Black Flag, the Germs, and, especially, X were the leaders of the pack, prompting an avalanche of copycat bands and eventually signing record contracts themselves.

X's debut, Los Angeles, is considered by many to be one of punk's all-time finest recordings .

X actually consisted of some truly gifted musicians, including rockabilly guitarist Billy Zoom, bassist John Doe, and frontwoman Exene Cervenka, who, with Doe, penned poetic lyrics and perfected sweet yet biting vocal harmonies.

It made it on at number 16 for the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop Critics Poll. In 2003, the album was ranked number 286 on the Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time .


Today you're gonna be so sick so sick
you'll prop your forehead on the sink
say oh christ oh jesus christ
my head's gonna crack like a bank

Tonight you'll fall asleep in clothes-so late
like a candy bar wrapped up for lunch
that's all you get to taste
Poverty and spit poverty

bloody red eyes go to nausea
bloody red eyes go to nausea
bloody red eyes
go to sleep

You're talking out of harmony
You can't remember what you said
cut it out you feel retarded
take the sissors saw the head


01. "Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not"   2:25
02. "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene"             2:50
03. "Soul Kitchen"       John Densmore, Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek; Jim Morrison 2:25
04. "Nausea"         3:40
05. "Sugarlight"  2:28

Side B
06. "Los Angeles"  2:25
07. "Sex and Dying in High Society" 2:15
08. "The Unheard Music"  4:49
09."The World's a Mess; It's in My Kiss"  4:43

Bonus tracks (2001 CD reissue)
10."I'm Coming Over" (Demo version) – 1:24
11."Adult Books" (Dangerhouse Rough Mix version) – 3:21
12."Delta 88" (Demo version) – 1:28
13."Cyrano de Berger's Back" (Rehearsal) – 3:01
14."Los Angeles" (Dangerhouse version) – 2:14


    John Doe – bass, vocals
    Exene – vocals
    Billy Zoom – guitar
    D.J. Bonebrake – drums

Additional personnel

    Ray Manzarek – organ  ( THE  DOORS )


You started out that way
you'd do anything to stay
and keep your money boys
made of silver and gold
keep your pekinese
turkish cigarettes
and your lighter that looks like a gun
so you marry your daddy
with a different name

sex and dying in high society

that pretty man of yours
the one hiding inside the director's clothes
the one who calls you dear
after banging away at you in the night
that one's just got to go
every time you look at him
you could almost just fall asleep
and there's a masturbating
getting underneath the bed
and now you tell

sex and dying in high society

now you told the maid
to burn you on your virgin back
with a curling iron
hotter than hot
you say it's good enough
you say your pain is better
than any kind of love

sex and dying in high society 

( Pussy Riot is A Russian   Female  band  closed  in jail  by the fascist  regime of Putin )

 Οι Pussy Riot είναι μια ρωσική φεμινιστική πανκ-ροκ μπάντα η οποία κάνει προκλητικές αυτοσχέδιες εμφανίσεις στη Μόσχα με θέματα τη θέση της γυναίκας στην Ρωσία. Στις εκλογές της Ρωσίας, το 2012, κινητοποιήθηκαν κατά της εκλογής του Βλαντιμίρ Πούτιν.

Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk-rock collective based in Moscow. Founded in August 2011,On February 21, 2012, five members of the group staged a performance on the soleas of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior.Their actions were stopped by church security officials.
By evening, they had turned it into a music video entitled "Punk Prayer - Mother of God, Chase Putin Away!".

On March 3, 2012, two of the group members, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina, were arrested and charged with hooliganism.
A third member, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was arrested on March 16.

Two other members of the group, who escaped arrest after February's protest, reportedly left Russia fearing prosecution.

On October 10, following an appeal, Samutsevich was freed on probation, her sentence suspended. The sentences of the other two women were upheld. In late October 2012, Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova were separated and sent to prison.

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