Monday, June 10, 2013

Peter Murphy : Cascade 1995

Along with the help of producer Pascal Gabriel and some good session players,
including extra "infinite guitar" from cult musician Michael Brook,
Murphy created the marvelous Cascade.

Another step further up in Murphy's continuing embrace of generally positive,
inspiring work,Cascade shows him once again not repeating himself,
aside perhaps from the sprightly,acoustic guitar-led "The Scarlet Thing in You.

" Otherwise, the music this time is generally lush and electronic,emphasizing Statham's atmospherics and melodies to their fullest.

"Subway" is a good example, with Statham's synth strings creating a striking air for both the band's performance and Murphy's own passionate vocals,which cheekily quote the old Petula Clark hit "Don't Sleep in the Subway." "Gliding Like a While," which immediately follows it, is just as vast and powerful, a strong guitar/electronics arrangement giving Murphy the opportunity to deliver an equally compelling lyric and chorus.

It's Murphy at his most commanding and passionate, and the band's brilliant performance doesn't let up a jot.
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Tracks :

     1. Mirror To My Woman's Mind     5:34    
    2. Subway     4:37    
    3. Gliding Like A Whale     4:23    
    4. Disappearing     4:55    
    5. Mercy Rain     3:43    
    6. I'll Fall With Your Knife     4:31    
    7. The Scarlet Thing In You     4:24    
    8. Sails Wave Goodbye     4:44    
    9. Wild Birds Flock To Me     3:48    
    10.Huuvola     5:54    
    11.Cascade     6:08


We have no image
We're just called the good friends
We call the madmen back
As they fly to the ant hills
We never know, we never know
We sleep in satin nights
Throwing energy like bluebirds
In twilight

We call to stillness
As we kiss the water king's hand
We hear the one same name
As the darker the land gets
We never know, we never know
We're fueling for the light
Cascading like the rain
In twilight

Waiting for you, you look so close, we walk
A thousand stairs
Aching for your hand, our love a distant
Voice, we have no image we are light

We are not asking
No favors from the dead
We wash with moonlit hands
On the shores of our island
We never know, we never know
We sleep in satin nights
Throwing energy in silver curves
In twilight

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1 Rollcall-Recall Written-By – Paul Statham 4:15    
2 Indigo Eyes 98  Written-By – Paul Statham 6:38    
3 Big Love Of A Tiny Fool Written-By – Mashar Alanson 4:04    
4 Surrendered     5:20    
5a Big And Tiny (Live)Written-By – Mashar Alanson 3:46    
5b Untitled



  1. λατρευω τομ ομονυμο κομματι!σκετη μαγεια!
    ευχαριστω πολυ παιδια για το αφιερωμα!

  2. χαα τωρα ειδα την αφιερωση,μετα το πρωτο σχολιο!
    μες στο μυαλο μου εισαι Κωστακη!

    Υ.Γ.:χρωσταω μπυρες κι εξηγησεις,πες μου εσυ ποτε

    1. Επόμενη εβδομάδα να κανονίσουμε μιά μπυροποσία στο Dr Feelgood . Οσο για τα άλλα , δε χρωστάς τίποττα . Φιλιά !