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Enki Bilal - Jean-Pierre Dionnet : Exterminateur 17

Exterminateur 17 is a French comic written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet and drawn by Enki Bilal. It appeared on the magazine Metal Hurlant in 1979.

Jean-Pierre Dionnet (born 25 November 1947) is a French cartoonist and TV presenter.

He was the co-founder of the comics magazine Metal Hurlant in 1974. His works include Exterminateur 17, with art by Enki Bilal.

Enki  Bilal

Born in Yugoslavia, his mother was Czech and his Bosnian father used to be Tito's tailor. His family fled the country to France in 1960, where Enki learns French and discovers cinema and comic books. In 1971, he wins a contest organized by the famous comics magazine Pilote with his first story "L'appel des etoiles".

 It's published in Pilote and later re-released under the title "Le bol maudit", and it allows Enki Bilal to start working for the magazine by drawing politicians.

He then meets Pierre Christin (at the time scenarist of "Valerian" for Pilote) and starts his collaboration with him in 1975 with "La croisieres des oublies".

 In 1979, they release "Les Phalanges de l'Ordre Noir", which receives great critics and a Prix RTL. 

Bilal also draws "Exterminateur 17" in 1978 for magazine Metal Hurlant, with a scenario by Jean-Pierre Dionnet (later released as an album in 1989).

Enki Bilal releases his first solo comic book, "La foire aux immortels", in 1980, which is the first episode of his famous "Nikopol Trilogy" (followed by "La Femme piege" in 1986 and "Froid equateur" in 1993,

 which will be the first comic book to be chosen as best book of the year by the litterature magazine Lire).

This is the story of a Droid made by humans in order to exterminate , to fight ,
to attack , and kill .
His creator dies , but his spirit and his soul is been tranfered into the Droid E 17.

The Droid E 17 does n't want to follow all this orders ,
so the ribellion of the "Thinking Droids" is here
and a new era is rising .

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