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Morgen : Morgen 1969 Flac & MP3

60’s psychedelic band originally from Long Island, New York. Led by Steven Morgen, who simply named his band Morgen. Good effort, though pretty obscure.

Trippy grooves with a lot of stone vibe. Scary-horror themed songs. Nice creepy vocals and acid guitars . Also the Jazz Rock is here .

The original sole 1969 recording was recently re-released on Probe label on 180 gram vinyl. Worth searching out if you like this stuff.

Steve Morgen released a rare low-selling album in the late '60s, simply titled Morgen, that's highly regarded by some collectors, particularly those who like a sound balanced between psychedelia and the beginning of hard rock.

Morgen sang and wrote all of the material, which was very much of its time in its overlong, sometimes clumsy nature.

He was a closer-to-the-edge type than many also-rans who dove into acid rock, though, boasting "Welcome to the Void" as the opening track, and lusting hard after both women and spiritual elevation as furiously distorted guitars ground away.

The feverish, sustain-heavy guitar lines seemed designed to melt wires, yet there was also some melodic hard psychedelic rock influence at work in some songs, particularly from the Who, as "Eternity in Between" made plain.

As unknown weird heavy acid rock goes, he's above average, and worth investigation from those who like a little lyrical intrigue and unpredictable twists with their furious guitars.

    Bass – Rennie Genossa
    Drums – Bob Maiman
    Engineer – Russ Hamm
    Guitar – Steve Morgen
    Producer – Murray Shiffrin, Steve Morgen
    Rhythm Guitar – Barry Stock
    Vocals – Steve Morgen


Side One

  01.Welcome To The Void     4:42    
    02.Of Dreams     5:32    
    03.Begging Your Pardon (Miss Joan)     4:47    
    04.Eternity In Between     4:30

  Side Two

 01.Purple     4:00    
    02.She's The Nitetime     3:28    
    073Love     10:50    



Come take a bite of my Ginger-bread house

and let your troubles fade away
Let your mind get away from the fall
I say: Welcome to the void

Did you know that Peter Pan can fly

 he just pats himself with dust
I'll get you some if you're a very good boy
and if in me you put your truste

Ha ha ha ha ha ha..!

I say: Welcome to the void
I say: Welcome to the void

Jack be numble, Jack be quick
Jack jump over the candlestick
Ouch said Jack as he touched the lighted wick
My God you know that fire burns

Old woman she lives in a shoe

What a very funny thing
She's really happy for today she received
forty red, white and blue shoestrings

Beauty did kiss the Beast

and the much to her surprise
a handsome prince did then appear
and then the beast scratched out his eyes

I say: Welcome to the void
 I say: Welcome to the void

If you're good and if you watch your ways
One day to heaven you will go
you will lose everything you've ever know before
Who cares it's better than below

Ha ha ha ha ha ha..!
I say: Welcome to the void
 I say: Welcome to the void

Pretty flowers and a bright yellow sky

Little squarrel gathering good
Picnic's over it's time to go home
What's for dinner - squarrel stw

Did you hear about Sam's Uncle Joe

Got lots of heads upon his wall
He stands a hundred yards behind a cheaters glass
Oh he's the bravest of them all
Fall Fall Fall...

Did you know that a good man died

 oh how terrible they say
But you know that's just a part of life
it kind of happens every day
Noooooo !

Year : 1969
Label :  Radioactive Records
RRLP008 Stereo
Made in  : USA New York
Format  :  Vinyl LP
Style  : Psychedelic , Acid

A  Trip  to the center  of  the mind .  LSD Explorers.

Take it HERE

Mp3 # 320   93 Mb


  1. Thanks for reminding how great they are,i've downloaded them!

  2. Un poco de una banda olvidada, Morgen - grupo americano de la ciudad de Nueva York, fundada por el guitarrista y vocalista Steve Morgen,
    Dejaron atras un unico álbum lanzado originalmente en 1969,
    lleno principalmente con sonido agudo, a veces incluso enojado, de guitarras, voces, garaje y fabulosos ritmos de
    tambores y excelentes bajos. psicodelia pura en su maxima expresion.

    Toda la banda giraba en torno a Steve Morgen, el cantante principal y el único compositor,
    La letras en ocaciones son raras y su voz es buena, pero no llega a ser fantástica.

    Steve Morgen era un verdadero héroe psicodélico y este artefacto lo demuestra.
    Es un viaje en los años 60, balanceo de cabezas, por caminos de blues, rock y psicodelia, un album que estremecera a cualquier hippy.

    ¿Qué pasó con Steve Morgen? ¿Qué pasó con los restantes miembros de la banda?
    No lo puedo decir, nadie parece saber lo que les ocurrió y lo que hicieron el resto de sus vidas,
    si están vivos o no, si es que todavía realizan o reproducir música. Es desconocido para mí.
    Tal vez esta edicion remasterizada y aumentada aclare un poco las dudas.


  3. thank you buddy , From Hell yeah

  4. Hey man,many thanks for this awesome album.
    You are great dude.
    Greetz from Lima - Peru