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Suicide : Zero Hour EP 1997

This is not an official album , it's very rare and it's not available on CD .

Suicide is an American electronic protopunk musical duo, intermittently active since 1970 and composed of vocalist Alan Vega and Martin Rev on synthesizers and drum machines. They are an early synthesizer/vocal musical duo.

Suicide took their name from the title of a Ghost Rider comic book titled Satan Suicide, a favorite of Alan Vega

The Project served as a stomping grounds for the likes of the New York Dolls, Television and Blondie as well as the 15-piece jazz group Reverend B., which featured a musician named Martin Rev on electric piano. Soon, Vega and Rev formed in 1970 Suicide, whose minimalist, aggressive music .

Suicide was never painless , and their music could never be filed under easy istening .
Watching them live was akin to an extremesport as Alan Vega revelled in goading the
audience : When they supported "The Clash" and Elvis Costello in 1978 , violence ensued .

Vega , sculptor , painter , gallery owner , all-round artiste , would act out a kind
of Elvis Presley routine - a mumbling , roaring , angry Elvis - over a backdrop of
primitive synth and drum patterns provided by his partner - in - crime Martin Rev .
Suicide had been a part of the performing arts scene in New York City's Lower East Side in the early/mid-'70s New York Dolls era.

Their approach to music was simple: Rev would create minimalistic, spooky, hypnotic washes of dissonant keyboards and synthesizers, while Vega sang, ranted, and spat neo-Beat lyrics in a jumpy, disjointed fashion. On stage, Vega became confrontational, often baiting the crowd into a riotous frenzy that occasionally led to full-blown violence, usually with the crowd attacking Vega.

Without the trailblazing Rev and Vega, there would have been no Soft Cell, Erasure, Bronski Beat, Yaz, and while many would tell you that that's nothing to crow about, the aforementioned synth-poppers merely appropriated Suicide's keyboards/singer look and none of Rev and Vega's extremely confrontational performance style and love of dissonance.

Suicide disbanded in 1980, and both Vega and Rev undertook solo careers.

Suicide – Zero Hour EP
Label : Munster Records – MR 136
Format : Vinyl, 10", EP
Made in : Spain
Released : 1997
Genre : Electronic, Rock
Style : Electro, Minimal


Side One :

                 A1   :      Ghost Rider        
               A2    :     Rocket U.S.A.  
                                               A3 :        Cheree

Side Two : 
       B1   :      Harlem        
B2  :       96 Tears

Take it HERE

MP3   109 MB


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