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John Berberian And The Eastern Rock Ensemble : Middle Eastern Rock 1969


John Berberian (b. c.1941) is an American musician known for his virtuosity on the oud, the Middle Eastern stringed instrument.Berberian was born in New York City and he's parents were Armenian immigrants.

Released originally in 1969, "MIDDLE EASTERN ROCK" is a unique, compelling fusion record . The "Rock East Ensemble" , Beberian’s backing band, consists of the artist’s standard group , which specializes in traditional Armenian music with a jazz edge , and American session musicians who bring more of a rock sound .

The results, which blend elements of psychedelia , free jazz , surf music , and various klezmer , African , and Middle Eastern textures , are dazzling , and are sure to thrill anyone with a taste for rare "outside" albums.

He expanded beyond the ethnic music market in the mid to late 1960s , decades before "world music" became fashionable , with a series of LPs which explored fusions between traditional Middle Eastern music , psychedelic rock Ethnic and jazz.

    Art Direction – Sid Maurer
    Artwork [Cover Art] – Jim O'Connell , Sandy Hoffman
    Bass [Fender Bass] – Chet Amsterdam
    Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Souren Baronian
    Drums – Bill LaVorgna
    Electric Guitar [Amplified Rock Guitar], Guitar [Fuzz] – Joe Beck
    Engineer – David Greene, Tony Maye
    Goblet Drum [Dumbeg] – Steve Pumilian
    Leader, Oud – John Berberian
    Liner Notes – Jack Maharian
    Percussion, Vocals – Bob Tashjian
    Producer – H.H. Cowen, Peter Spargo
    Rhythm Guitar – Ed Brandon

John Berberian And The Rock East Ensemble : Middle Eastern Rock
Genre : World, & Jazz, Rock
Style : Ethnic Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Year : 1969
Label : Verve Forecast – FTS-3073, Verve Forecast – FTS3073
Format : Vinyl LP
Country : US
Released : 1969


    1. The Oud & The Fuzz (4/4)     6:25    
    2. Tranquility (6/8)     6:25    
    3. Chem-OO-Chem (6/8)     5:58    
    4. Iron Maiden (2/4)     3:49    
    5. Flying Hye (9/8)     6:02    
    6. 3/8+5/8=8/8     5:12    
    7. The Magic Ground (2/4)     4:25    

Flac   Size  : 232 MB  Only For Lovers of Jazz Rock and Ethnic Explorers
Flac Part 1
Flac Part 2


  1. περα από τη μουσική έχουν πολύ ενδιαφέροντα artworks!!

  2. Oh so you were fealing like uploading an album mixing both of the styles I keep listening these days.

    Well thanks. :-)

  3. Thank you very much for the flac files of this gem. I've been listening to mp3 files found on the Velvety Sheath, Glistening Sword blog years ago...

  4. Here's another example of treasures you give us, that I thought few knew about. I had this album shortly after it came out because I was amazed by Berberian's predecessor "Music of the Middle East", 1967, that also has some great rock/jazz/fusion components. Nearly 50 years, circa 1400 vinyl LPs, a few hundred CDs, and probably thousands of digital hours of music collected and listened to later, I'm still amazed by the playing on these albums.

    Also thanks for the wondrous diverse treasures that you give us that I've never heard of before.

    And thanks for the many that are lossless format.

    And thanks for the mostly easy download links.

    Thanks hugely!

  5. I first heard John Berberian by way of the Kahlil Gibran LP with Rosko (the second photo above). That led to an interest in Middle Eastern music at a time before the World Music scene came along. All I could find were albums labeled as Belly Dance Music. It wasn't till just a few years ago, after discovering the world of music blogs, that I found Berberian's other releases. Because of it's 'psychedelic' trappings I have always passed on this one. But today, on the strength of your description, I'm going to give it a try. Looking forward to listening to it. Many thanks.