Monday, July 28, 2014

Porcupine Tree : Signify 1996

 Porcupine Tree are a progressive rock/art rock band formed by Steven Wilson in 1987 in Hemel

Their music is difficult to categorize, being associated with both psychedelic rock and progressive rock, yet having been influenced by trance, krautrock and ambient due to Steven Wilson and Richard Barbieri's penchant for the Kosmische Musik scene of the early '70s, led by bands such as Tangerine Dream, Neu! and Can.
Since the early 2000s, their music has been leaning towards progressive metal.

Signify is the fourth studio album by British progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. It was released in September 1996 .
It was the first album that frontman Steven Wilson recorded with the band on board from the beginning . Previous albums had been essentially solo efforts with occasional help from other musicians.

Reception for the album has been mostly positive. "Allmusic" gave the album four out of five stars, praising the album as ... the next great step forward for Porcupine Tree, a distinct advancement in how well the foursome could completely rock out as well as find its own narcotic style of ambient exploration...

The often gripping instrumental pieces which are as much a band trademark as anything else appear throughout, including the combination drift and charge of "Idiot Prayer," littered with intriguingly curious samples, and the amusingly titled, hellfire and brimstone preacher-punctuated "Intermediate Jesus."


01. Bornlivedie      Wilson/Barbieri     1:41
02. Signify       Wilson     3:26
03. Sleep of No Dreaming       Wilson     5:24
04. Pagan       Wilson     1:34
05. Waiting Phase One       Wilson     4:24
06. Waiting Phase Two       Wilson     6:15
07. Sever       Wilson     5:30
08. Idiot Prayer       Wilson/Edwin     7:37
09. Every Home Is Wired       Wilson     5:08
10. Intermediate Jesus       Wilson/Barbieri/Edwin/Maitland     7:29
11. Light Mass Prayers       Maitland     4:28
12. Dark Matter       Wilson     8:57


Waiting ... To be born again 
Waiting ... The Saddest kind of pain 
Waiting for the day
When I will crawl away

Nothing is what I feel 
Waiting for the DRUGS ... to make it real .

Waiting ... To be disciplined
Aching ... For your nails across my skin .


  1. My copy of this long gone. Think we could get a repost? Thanks!