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The Coral : Magic And Medicine 2003

The Coral are an English band formed in 1996 in Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula in England. The band first emerged during the early 2000s (decade) and found success with their debut album The Coral (2002) and follow up Magic and Medicine (2003).

Their self-titled debut album was nominated for the 2002 Mercury Music Prize and later voted the fourth best album of the year by NME Magazine. In 2008 guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones left the band, however The Coral continued as a five-piece. Their sixth album Butterfly House was released in 2010.

" Magic and Medicine " is the second album by The Coral, released on 28 July 2003 in the United Kingdom, where it debuted at number 1 in the charts, and on 10 February 2004 in the United States (see 2003 in music). The singles "Don't Think You're the First" and "Pass It On" earned them their first top ten hits.

Remarkably authentic in recovering the vibes of early British rock, Magic and Medicine is a mature, solid throwback. Whether or not the Coral travel these same musical avenues in the future, for now they've definitely created an album that's a world unto itself, and one that's well worth repeat visits.

The album title originates from a lyric in Time Travel, the hidden track on the band's debut album: "Well there's a war going on, ain't the obvious one. It's between magic and medicine".


01. In the Forest   James Skelly, Nick Power     2:39
02. Don't Think You're the First   J. Skelly     4:03
03. Liezah   J. Skelly, Power     3:31
04. Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues  J. Skelly     3:07
05. Secret Kiss   J. Skelly     2:56
06. Milkwood Blues      J. Skelly     3:54
07. Bill McCai   J. Skelly     2:37
08. Eskimo Lament   Power     2:30
09. Careless Hands   J. Skelly, Bill Ryder-Jones     4:14
10. Pass it on  J. Skelly,Power      2:19
11. Confessions Of A.D.D.D.  J. Skelly     3:06

"Confessions Of A.D.D.D."

On this here street where I do sit
Lives a man we can't forgive
His felony was jealousy
An impossible personality

And if you think it's you then let me know

He wasn't rich, he wasn't poor
Though how he longed for so much more
At night he dreamed of buccaneers
Pirate ships and privateers
And if you think it's you then let me know

His window was his favourite seat
For watching history repeat
Was he cursed or was he blessed
In the end well he confessed

And if you think it's you then let me know

This is what he said...

The warning signs
Are on my wall
There's no feelin' anymore
Has it always been like this?
Signed and sealed without a kiss
Well I know it's there
It's just something that I missed

And through the tears of madness
Souvenirs of sadness
Is all he sees, all he sees

So how do I begin to end this tale?
Of a time when all was well
And he'd laze on summer days
Down by the lake
Where the seagulls play
What a way
To waste his days

Who is to blame?
Have I been framed?
Who is to blame?
Have I been framed?
For the death of these days? 

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