Friday, April 14, 2017

The Bullets : the Story So Far 2015

The Bullets were formed in the eastern side of Thessaloniki in 1988. It was a time when rockabilly was very popular all over Europe. Although the rockabilly revival movement, which started in the 70s, lasted until the late 90s, the Bullets have managed to be active up until today. During all these years the band has performed live countless times, creating wild and memorable moments for their fans.

The Bullets' music style is without any doubt… rock'n'roll. Obviously their major influences are the trash/desperate rockabilly of the 50s and the primitive surf sounds of the 60s. Other influences include doo-wop, garage and british teddy boy rock. Their philosophy is based on having fun, love for life and on being optimistic. Certainly these are the reasons why they will keep on being together for a very long time!

Today Bullet Cost is the only founding member of the band that is still part of its line up. Shockin' Steve (vocals, guitar) joined the Bullets in 1992. After a Johnny Carroll gig the same year at Mylos Club in Thessaloniki, the band was rejuvenated! In 1999 Tommy (bass), a founding member, left the group. Captain-K (Frantic Five), who was already an unofficial member, took his place, temporarily at first, but he was to stay for the next five years. In 2004 Wrongman (De Sades) replaced Captain K. In 2009 Vasilis Karkavitsas took Wrongman's place, who was the band's sound engineer until then. During the same year Haris Granis (guitar,b.vocals) was also added to the line up, founding member of the BMW Rockers 57 and the Johnny Carbonaras.
The band's first release was the 7inch surf-a-billy single “Fuzzbitten” which came out in the spring of 2003 and was released by On Stage Records with 3 songs. In the following years Bullets' songs were included in the Compilations “Enjoy The Greeks” 1 & 2 (3 in total, volume two issued by Pop+Rock magazine) and in the compilations “White Boppin' Tower” 1 & 2 (On Stage Records). In 2005 the compilation “Their Hottest Tunes 1997-2005”, which featured almost all the group's recordings up to that time, was released. In 2007, the debut album “Final Race” came out, which featured guest appearances by some of the greatest artists in the Greek rock'n'roll scene and truly lived up to the Bullets' history and quality as a band. It's worth mentioning that the album's title song has been included in the compilation of May 2008 issue of the famous German rock'n'roll magazine, “Dynamite”.


01.  My Bonnie
02.  Baby Baby,Bala Bala
03.  You Are My Sunshine
04.  Final Race
05.  Getting On
06.  Holiday Memories
07.  Thank You Johnny Carroll
08.  My Baby's Gone
09.  Ramblin' Gal
10.  Blue Lagoon
11.  Little Angel
12.  Black Out !
13.  Little Sister
14.  Don't Pass Me By
15.  Fuzzbitten
16.  You Treat My Baby
17.  Son Of The Beach
18.  She's Wicked
19.  I Wanna Be Alone
20.  Out Of Gaz
21.  Pulsar
22.  I'm Sorry
23.  Mexicali Baby

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