Saturday, March 24, 2018

Deceptive Site

To all our visitors

If you see DECEPTIVE SITE while you trying to download a link from Zippyshare , please don't believe it .
There is no danger , like installing software , or revealing your personal information , like passwords , phone numbers or credit cards .
All the links are clear and very safe .
Someone is trying to put down "URBAN ASPIRINES "
Please click on " Ignore this warning " and you will get the download you want .

Many Thanks


  1. It's not just your site. It appears Zippy have acquired a passenger.

  2. Zippyshare does indeed link to third-party advertisers, but you don't have to enable Javascript for them for Zippyshare to work, and without that, they seem harmless. Just close them without clicking on anything. At least this has worked for me so far.