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Died Pretty : Next To Nothing EP 1985

Not available on CD

Died Pretty, are an Australian alternative rock band founded by mainstays, Ron Peno as its lead singer and Brett Myers as its lead guitarist and backing vocalist, in Sydney in 1983, briefly as Final Solution. Their music started from a base of early electric Bob Dylan with psychedelic influences, including The Velvet Underground and Television. They were managed by John Needham, who is the owner of Citadel Records, their main label.

Died Pretty's 1990s albums, Doughboy Hollow, Trace and Sold appeared on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Albums Charts but they had more success on the alternate scene. Following up its initial singles with its first full extended release, "Next to Nothing" is a fine four-song selection of tracks from the band. With Chris Welsh installed as the new drummer, the quintet keeps exploring its inspired revamp of '60s/'70s rock influences as it goes.

The band came to the attention of the Australian independent music scene and inner city circuit. In January 1984 they recorded "Out of the Unknown", with Younger producing, which was released on Citadel as their first single. Before touring to Melbourne, Lickliter was replaced on bass guitar by Mark Lock (The Phantom Agents, End). In August they recorded a 10-minute psychedelic epic "Mirror Blues" (issued split over a 7" in Australia and intact on 12" in the United Kingdom).

Barwick was dissatisfied with Died Pretty and the band tried to recruit Chris Welsh (The 31st, Screaming Tribesmen) but initially could not finance a drum kit for him. With Welsh finally on board, they recorded the extended play (EP)," Next to Nothing ", released in August 1985.

Myers' guitar work is especially striking in that it doesn't take the fore per se, slotting into the overall sound of the band perfectly, just enough, almost more backing Brunetti's keyboards than the other way around. Peno's sense of projection is still growing, but with panache  he doesn't actually sound like he should front the Doors, but Morrison would recognize the inspired theatricality. The cello on the mid-range lope and burn of "Plaining Days" makes for a nice touch, but the group handles itself on its own well throughout.

The lengthy "Desperate Hours" is the best of the four, building up and relaxing as it goes, just epic enough in scope and feel to suggest a less noisy Neil Young hitting a smoky groove.

In April 2012 Died Pretty performed as part of the Dig It Up! series of concerts around Australia, organised to celebrate 30 years of recorded music by fellow Australian band Hoodoo Gurus.

In March 2016, the band played across Australia as part of the 'A Day On The Green' concert series, with Hoodoo Gurus, Sunnyboys, Violent Femmes and Ratcat. The also played some headline shows in clubs.The band undertook a joint national tour with Radio Birdman in June and July 2017.


    Free Dirt (August 1986)
    Lost (June 1988)
    Every Brilliant Eye (1990) – AUS #79
    Doughboy Hollow (1991) – AUS #24
    Trace (1993) – AUS #11
    Sold (1996) – AUS #29
    Using My Gills as a Roadmap (1998)
    Everydaydream (2000)



1. Ambergris 4:20
2. Plaining Days 4:11


3. Desperate Hours 8:03
4. Final Twist  4:16


Mark Lock : Bass
Brett Myers : Guitar
Ronald S Peno : Vocals
Frank Brunetti : Keyboards
Chris Welsh : Drums Perussion
Joe Borkowski : Cello

Format : Vinyl EP
Label : Citadel Records Australia
Imported : by Virgin
Made in : France
Year : August 1985
Style : Alternative Rock , Garage


  1. Η κορυφαία τους δημιουργία, 4 αριστουργήματα. Οι επιρροές υπάρχουν, Τζων Κέηλ στο Plaining Days, Μόρρισον και Ντόρς στο Desperate Hours, αλλά σαν πηγές έμπνευσης και όχι μίμισης.
Καταπληκτικές οι συναυλίες του, στο Κλάμπ 22 το 1987, και στο Ρόδον ένα χρόνο μετά.

    Το ηχητικό του Ρόδον, από γουώκμαν βέβαια, υπάρχει στο γιού-τιούμπ. Η συναυλία όμως είχε βιντεοσκοπηθεί ολόκληρη από πλήρες συνεργείο, της ΕΡΤ μάλλον. Έγινε πανζουρλισμός, με τον Ρόν Πένο να σκαρφαλώνει πάνω στα ηχεία και να κάνει σάλτο μορτάλε δύο φορές! και μετά να αρπάζει τον κάμεραμαν να χορεύουν μαζί επί σκηνής!

    Αυτό το ντοκουμέντο προβλήθηκε ποτέ στην τουβού, ή ανέβηκε ποτέ στό ίντερνετ ή μήπως το πουλάνε πουθενά, ξέρει κανείς αν μπορεί να βρεθεί;

    1. Δυστυχώς δε γνωρίζω που μπορεί να βρεθεί αυτή η συναυλία που λες.Εγώ επειδή έζησα όλη τη δεκαετία των 80ς στην Ιταλία είχα την τύχη να τους δω στις 22 Δεκεμβρίου 1986 στο ιστορικό "QBO" της Bologna.Ο Ronald Reno,ο τραγουδιστής,ήταν τόοοοσο λιώμα που ξεχνούσε τους στίχους.Ευτυχώς του τους υπενθύμιζε ο Brett Myers ο κιθαρίστας της μπάντας.Και γαμώ τις καταστάσεις ! Παρ΄όλα αυτά ήταν μια καταπληκτική συναυλία και περάσαμε τέλεια και εξίσου λιώμα !!!