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The Who: By Numbers 1975 + Odds And Sods 1974


In the mid-Sixties, the Who stormed the Mod scene of West London with a sound and vision that

distilled the pure essence of early rock & roll. Their music was fast, furious, and noisy, and three of the four members—singer Roger Daltrey, guitarist Pete Townshend, and drummer Keith Moon—performed with the obnoxious abandon of juvenile delinquents. Above all, the musicianship was first rate. In their performances, Townshend's muscular feedback and fuzz locked into a groove with the thunderous clatter of Moon's unbridled drumming and the blistering throb of John Entwistle's complex bass runs.

At the vortex of this din, Daltrey would stalk the stage with a thuggish swagger, hurl his microphone

cord about him like a lasso, and howl like a banshee. The Who created a tension that always seemed ready to explode, and indeed most of the band's shows ended with Townshend and Moon destroying their instruments. But there was an air of sophistication behind the brute force, and by their early-Seventies prime the Who was performing rock operas before packed arenas.



The Who by Numbers is the seventh studio album by English rock band the Who, released on 3 October 1975 in the United Kingdom through Polydor Records, and on 25 October 1975 in the United

States by MCA Records. It was named the tenth-best album of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll. The Who by Numbers functions as Pete Townshend's confessional singer/songwriter album, as he chronicles his problems with alcohol ("However Much I Booze"), women ("Dreaming From the Waist" and "They Are All in Love"), and life in general. However, his introspective musings are rendered ineffective by Roger Daltrey's bluster and the cloying, lightweight filler of "Squeeze Box."


Roger Daltrey
– lead vocals

Pete Townshend
– guitar, keyboards, banjo, accordion, ukulele, backing vocals, lead vocals on "However Much I Booze" and "Blue, Red And Grey"

John Entwistle
– bass, French horn, trumpet, backing vocals, 2nd lead vocal on "Success Story" (died in Room 658 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Paradise, Nevada, on 27 June 2002, one day before the scheduled first show of the Who's 2002 )

Keith Moon
– drums (Keith died in London on 7 September 1978, from an accidental overdose of the prescription drug Heminevrin, prescribed to combat alcoholism)

Additional musicians

Nicky Hopkins – piano

The Who – The Who By Numbers
Label: Polydor – 533 844-2
Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Remastered
Country: Europe
Released: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Classic Rock



01. Slip Kid    4:30
02. However Much I Booze    5:02
03. Squeeze Box    2:41
04. Dreaming From The Waist    4:07
05. Imagine A Man    4:00
06. Success Story  (Written-By – John Entwistle)   3:20
07. They Are All In Love  (Piano – Nicky Hopkins)  3:00
08. Blue Red And Grey    2:47
09. How Many Friends    4:05
10. In A Hand Or A Face    3:23



11. Squeeze Box (Live at the Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales on 12 June 1976)    3:11
12. Behind Blue Eyes (Live at the Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales on 12 June 1976)    3:37
13. Dreaming From The Waist (Live at the Vetch Field, Swansea, Wales on 12 June 1976)   4:52

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Flac  Size: 324 MB



Odds & Sods is an album of studio outtakes by British rock band the Who. It was released by Track Records in the UK and Track/MCA in the US in October 1974. Ten of the recordings on the original

eleven-song album were previously unreleased. The album reached No. 10 on the UK charts and No. 15 in the US. The recordings were compiled by Who bassist John Entwistle. Two LPs of songs were considered in 1974, but only one LP was released at the time. "It could have been a double album, there was that much material," Entwistle said. It was one of the first examples of artists compiling such unreleased recordings. The Who, as well as many other artists, later released similar albums, such as "Who's Missing".

The Who – Odds & Sods
Label: Polydor – 539 791-2
Format: CD, Compilation, Reissue, Remastered 1998
Country: Europe
Released: 1974
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Mod



01. I'm The Face  (Producer – Chris Parmeinter, Peter Meaden/Written-By – Peter Meaden)   2:27
02. Leaving Here  (Written-By – Holland/Dozier/Holland)   2:12
03. Baby Don't You Do It  (Written-By – Holland, Dozier, Holland)    2:27
04. Summertime Blues  (Written-By – Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart)   3:13
05. Under My Thumb  (Written-By – Jagger/Richards)   2:44
06. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand  (Organ – Al Kooper)   3:21
07. My Way  (Written-By – Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart)   2:26
08. Faith In Something Bigger    2:59
09. Glow Girl    2:24
10. Little Billy    2:17
11. Young Man Blues (Studio Version)  (Written-By – Mose Allison)   2:44
12. Cousin Kevin Model Child    1:24
13. Love Ain't For Keeping    4:03
14, Time Is Passing    3:29
15. Pure And Easy    5:21
16. Too Much Of Anything    4:21
17. Long Live Rock    3:56
18. Put The Money Down    4:29
19. We Close Tonight    2:56
20. Postcard  (Engineer – Pete Townshend)   3:30
21. Now I'm A Farmer    4:06
22. Water    4:39
23. Naked Eye    5:26

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  1. I don't have the " by numbers". Can i have it for 3e in mint, i'll try it, although i'm not a particularly big fan of the band, i despised them when i was younger.

    Maybe a short note on downloads:
    Downloads are an unpleasant phenomenon for me without physical experience. I avoid those whenever possible. There is nothing tangible, no cover, no lyrics, no physical experience of holding, looking and hugging. Something cold - to forget.
    For those i spoke from the heart.

    1. Hello friend. I know that you don't like the who. You told me that many time ago. As for the downloads. Maybe you are right. But this is not for me. My downloads contain the full scans of the Vinyls or the CDs, many photos of the band, photos of the posters, the complete biography of the band and many times even the lyrics. You know that I work very hard for every post. Every time I choose carefully even the photos that I put in the left and in the right part of the post. My posts are very artistic as the files of the links.

    2. My friend this comment is not against you: i was just a general comment about downloads. As for the rest, you know how i appreciate your work.

    3. Don't worry. I know that your comment was not against me and I know that you support my blog and my work.

    4. Put the music in your blog that you think is right. You don't have to be considerats of me at all if you think that i might not like this. I tend to love bands that aren't that well known, with exception of course.

    5. Amigo Josef, si no te gustan the Who tienes un problema. Los Who son grandes, muy grandes. Los discos que tenemos hoy aqui de 1974-75 hay canciones memorables, merecen otra oportunidad por tu parte.
      Totalmente a favor de las descargas. Me gusta encontrar aqui discos que tengo en mi habitacion...y si no los tengo, mejor. un saludo. felipe-madrid.

    6. Anonymous unfortunately i do not speak spanish. And translating it is too much trouble for me.
      Just this much: i have nothing against the band. I have the cds of them myseldf. They have also certainly had a great influences on many bands ( mod revival). And live they were also very good. See Monterey 67 and the legendary live album from 69 and Fillmore Eadt 68. Still it's not a band after my heart.

    7. Josef you can write "translator Spanish to English" . Search it in Google. It's very easy. You can translate everything you want, from every language you want.

    8. Ok i will try it next time.
      Heard the first cd from Kats Karavan box ( the history of J. Peel) today. Excellent sound quality and the music is also very good. I'm going to get the memories of John Peel from a second-hand bookshop. Especially the 1st part
      should be very interesting. The second part should fall off a bit. This one was completed by his wife. ( was prevented by the death of John Peel).

  2. Amongst the very best bands I ever saw live (x2) this is appreciated Kostas and these two lesser known albums are a must have for fans. Thanks so much for ALL you do and make available. I appreciated the effort for sure

  3. Lo siento mucho si te han molestado mis palabras Josef . The Who estan conmigo desde hace mas de 40 años (yo tengo 60 años) les he visto varias veces en directo, una en Baltimore en 2006, Me gusta todo de la banda pero te recomiendo Quadrophenia y sobre todo Who's Next, una maravilla...y muchas canciones de los 60s que son extraordinarias ¡¡¡
    yo uso el translator de google ,un saludo.

  4. Thank you for these two classic albums by this distinctive and highly creative band.

  5. I have the original LP of 'By Numbers' but no longer have a turntable so it will be good to hear it again, and with bonus tracks!!!!