Friday, October 31, 2008

The Astronauts : Peter Pan hits the suburbs [lp 1981/cd 1994]


I live my own life , do what I want , say what I mean
And you've got your own hope , strange ambition , different dreams
So who are you to say I'm wrong?
And who am I to say I'm right?
Though we live in separate ways, why do we argue, always fight?

A man who disagreed with a regime was termed a rat.
One night, some men came round - "we've read your books, we'd like a chat"
And then they kicked him round the cell
With cigarettes they burnt his face
Said "Remember, we're the law. Do you love your family, your duaring place?"

And it seems that fools control this world, the nuclear buttons, the poison pen.
Most of us are in the dark, but then we're only little men.

But little men have mouths to feed
And little men don't want to kill
So little men are never told unless,
of course, the earth stands still.

We have got a chant, ain't got a chorus, ain't even got a name
But it helps us through the night to know we don't share the blame
It's just another protest song
With words to try and make you think ("I think I'll go and have a drink")
But come the dawn resume your search for your ultimate power
Your missing link.


1. Everything stops my baby
2. Protest song
3. Sod us
4. The traveller
5. How green was my valley
6. Still talking
7. Baby sings folk songs
8. How long is a piece of string
9. Amplified world
10. Midsummer lullaby
11. Everything stops my baby
12. Back soon

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The Otters

- news March 2011-
THE ASTRONAUTS - Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs *OUT NOW * Reissue on Vinyl LP
MUS44 THE ASTRONAUTS - Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs LP


  1. No comments at all?
    Mmm....this is looks the best album we have here...
    This is the cd version with 2 bonus tracks, [Everything stops for baby - short version - and back soon]first time on cd from Lazy Dog Records.
    The original LP released 1981 [Bugle/Genius Rec.]it cost now more than 50 Euros.
    A fantastic album , one of the best pop albums of the decade.
    Pop , punk power , psychedelic , folk , rock ,r'n'r'? not easy to say , and his voice...

  2. got it! fantastic choice! thanx uncle