Saturday, October 11, 2008

Misfits : Famous Monsters 1999

I don't like Maria Kallas , I don' t like George Dalaras .
I don' t like Pavarotti .

I Like The MISFITS !!!

Through the use of horror movie themes and dark, gothic fashion, hardcore punk band The Misfits helped create the sub-genre known as horror-punk.

Formed by Glenn Danzig in 1977, the group went through many line-up changes and experiments with style before releasing their debut album in 1982.

In that time they had released several singles and EPs and toured regularly, slowly building a fanbase. Walk Among Us was never a commercial success, but it was heralded by fans as a punk classic and has become established as a landmark in underground punk.


1 Kong at the gates
2 The Forbidden Zone
3 Lost in space
4 Dust to dust
5 Crawling eye
6 Witch hunt
7 Scream!
8 Saturday night

9 Pumpkin head
10 Scarecrow man
11 Die Monster Die
12 Living Hell
13 Descending Angel
14 Them
15 Fiend club
16 Hunting Humans
17 Helena
18 Kong unleashed

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