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All About Eve : All About Eve 1988

All About Eve were a British rock/pop band. The creative core consisted of the Coventry born Julianne Regan (vocals), and the Huddersfield born Andy Cousin (bass guitar), with other members changing over the years.

Julianne Regan, a former journalist, played bass in an early line-up of the Gothic rock group  " Gene Loves Jezebel ", before leaving to join " All About Eve ", previously known as the Swarm. The initial core of " All About Eve " was Regan , guitarist Tim Bricheno , and bassist Andy Cousin.

Their self-titled debut album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith and released in 1988. It included the UK hit single , "Martha's Harbour".

The album itself reached #7 on the UK Albums Chart, with much of its lyrical material drawing from hippie ideals , white magic and dreamlike fairy tales , the album's gentle folk rock inspired pop sound won the band many fans (nicknamed 'angels').

All About Eve is the self-titled first album of All About Eve. Commercially, this was their most successful, reaching No.7 in the UK charts and spawning four Top 40 singles (one of which went top 10). Most of the album was produced by Paul Samwell-Smith.

Some of the earlier cassette versions of the album had the album title Flowers In Our Hair printed on both sides of the tape, instead of All About Eve.

Although Mark Price (drummer) was a full-time member of the band when this album was completed, he was not present for all of its recording. Some songs feature Mick Brown, on loan from The Mission, one features session drummer Greg Brimstone, and one features a drum machine.

Their music was sometimes considered gothic rock by the media,some fans (who?) claimed the band did not play gothic rock after 1986 , though are connected mostly due to the engagements of ex-bandmembers in the musical scene of the time.

"She Moved Through the Fair" (or "She Moves Through the Fair") is a traditional Irish folk song, which exists in a number of versions and has been recorded many times.

Studio albums

All About Eve     1988    
Scarlet and Other Stories 1989   
Touched by Jesus     1991    
Ultraviolet     1992

Tracks from the vinyl LP :

01. Flowers In Our Hair
02. Gypsy Dance
03. In the Clouds
04. Martha's Harbour
05. Every Angel
06. Shelter from the Rain
07. She Moves Through the Fair (Traditional: arranged Bricheno, Cousin, Regan)
08. Wild Hearted Woman
09. Never Promise (Anyone Forever)
10. What Kind of Fool
11. In the Meadow

3 more tracks on CD 9 only Flac ) :

06. Like Emily
11. Apple Tree Man
14. Lady Moonlight

All About Eve She Moves Through the Fair Lyrics:

My young love said to me
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
It will not be long now
'till our wedding day

And she went away from me
And she moved through the fair
And fondly I watched her move
here and move there
And then she went onwards
Just one star awake
Like the swan in the evening
Moves over the lake

Last night she came to me
My dead love came in
So softly she came  her feet made no din
And she laid her hand on me
And this she did say
OH !It will not be long now
Till our wedding day