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The Eric Bardon Band : Sun Secrets + Stop ( 2 Albums )

Released without Eric Burdon's authorization, Sun Secrets is nothing for the singer to be ashamed of artistically. With approximately 24 minutes per side, Sun Secrets is a far cry from The Black Man's Burdon and the rhythms of the group War. As Mountain guitarist Leslie West would do a year after this when he formed the Leslie West Band, Burdon beats him to the punch with a self-titled group that rocks -- rocks harder than the Animals, rocks harder than War.

It's innovative reinvention, and quite pleasing, not only to hear the three-piece unit blitzing behind the singer as he reinterprets Animals classics like "When I Was Young," "It's My Life," or the Hendrix/Cream riff-laden version of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," but on the instrumental title track as well. The tragedy of it all is that, according to the singer's biography, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Eric Burdon with J.Marshall Craig (Thunder's Mouth Press), Burdon did not want this material out. The tapes were signed to Capitol and released without his permission.

Produced by Jerry Goldstein, they are called "rehearsal tapes" by the singer and feature the original lineup of what he says in his book is "The first in a long series of Eric Burdon band(s)." Capitol released two different versions of this disc -- the full-length commercial LP, and a "Radio Programming Aid" which has edits of everything except for the 13-minute Burdon co-write "Letter From the Country Farm." It's disheartening to read the agony for the star during these sessions and the touring from this period in his life, but it's refreshing to hear in these grooves that under adverse conditions the star still comes out on top artistically.

The other Capitol release by the Eric Burdon Band, Stop, has been added to this collection and, according to his biography, "now appear together on one CD, Sun Secrets/Stop."

Review by Joe Viglione

Stop is a hard rock/funk album by the first incarnation of the Eric Burdon Band, whose line up consisted of Burdon, John Sterling, Kim Kesterson and Terry Ryan.

They formed in 1971, after Burdon left his previous band War to cut an album with Jimmy Witherspoon. They recorded the album ‘’Guilty’’ and then, without Witherspoon, the album Stop.
It was not released until July 1975. Also it featured no hit single, but had some American chart success, reaching both US and Canadian album charts.


01. It's My Life
02. Ring Of Fire
03. Medley: When I Was Young/War Child
04. Real Me
05. Medley: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Nina's School
06. Letter From The Country Farm
07. Sun Secrets
08. City Boy
09. Gotta Get It On
10. The Man
11. I'm Lookin' Up
12. Rainbow
13. All I Do
14. Funky Fever
15. The Way It Should Be
16. Stop 


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