Monday, May 11, 2009

Midnight Choir : Unsung Heroine 2000

Midnight Choir was a Norwegian rock band active from 1992 to 2004

Line up

Al DeLoner ( Atle Byström )
Paal Flaata
Ron Olsen


A somber European trio who plays a decidedly American form of rootsy rock , Midnight Choir has steadily built not only a fervent fan base , but a unique take on Americana as well. The trio began in Norway with the less-serious name of " the Hashbrowns " busking and occasionally playing club gigs until they were heard by veteran keyboard player Lasse Hafreager . Perhaps uncertain with the prospects of hinging a possible music career on the name Hashbrowns , the group decided to seek out a new name . Reverent historians of folk and rock and not afraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve Midnight Choir took their new name from Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire."

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Having spectacularly demonstrated a new, astonishing power with their music on the album " Amsterdam Stranded " , Midnight Choir sought to continue in that vein with " Unsung Heroine "


1. Double Blank
2. Electric Rain
3. Where Love Resides
4. Snow in Berlin
5. Empty Streets ( Vocals : Carla Torgerson : WALKABOUTS )
6. Violence of the World
7. She Came from West Virginia
8. Painting by Matisse
9. Unsung Heroine
10.Spiritual ( Written by Johnny Cash )


What is this war?
What are we celebrating for?
Said the drunken diplomat

What is this pain?
Why is there only pain?
When there's nothing to be gained

All the killing has begun
There is nowhere left to run
There's no bridges left to burn
Every gospel has been slayed
And every killer-man's been paid
There's no answer, only violence

We could order up a drink
You could tell me what to think
There's no bridges left to burn
If Berlin falls tonight
The snow would still be white
With no answer but violence

Who is this war?
It's wasted and unsure
Said the drunken diplomat
There's no answer, only violence
There's no answer, only violence
There's no answer, only silence

Size 131 MB
Bitrate 320

Τι μπαντάρα είναι τα παιδιά !!!
Το Νο 4 κλωτσάει πολύ άσχημα στο στίχο
Οτι καλύτερο άκουσαν τα όμορφα ροζ αυτιά μου το 2000
One of the best albums 0f 2000

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