Sunday, May 17, 2009

O.S.T : Dogs In Space 1987

This is the censored version with the band name " Thrush & the Cunts " bowdlerised to " Thrush and the C**ts " and the offensive song " Diseases " .

Dogs in Space is a 1987 Australian film set in the " little band scene " in Melbourne in 1978 . It was directed by Richard Lowenstein and starred Michael Hutchence as Sam , the drug-addled frontman of the fictitious band from which the film takes its name .

With virtually no plot , Dogs in Space is a stylish and chaotic film about a group of alternative music fans sharing a house in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond . The plotless and artistic style of the film is a legacy of Lowenstein's background in advertising and music video production ; Before Dogs in Space he had served as director for a series of promotional clips for songs from the INXS album " The Swing " .

Richard Lowenstein
Richard Lowenstein


Michael Hutchence :Sam
Saskia Post : Anna
Nique Needles : Tim
Deanna Bond : The Girl
Tony Helou : Luchio
Chris Haywood : Chainsaw man
Peter Walsh : Anthony
Laura Swanson : Clare
Adam Briscomb : Grant
Sharon Jessop : Leanne
Edward Clayton-Jone : Nick
Martii Coles : Mark
Chuck Meo : Charles
Caroline Lee : Jenny
Fiona Latham : Barbara

The album came in two versions : a censored version with the band name "Thrush & the Cunts" bowdlerised to "Thrush and the C**ts" and possibly-offensive song vocal tracks removed , and an "R"-rated version in a black sleeve with all band names in full , movie dialogue between the songs and all vocal tracks in full .

Chase Records went out of business soon after and , despite much effort , the record has never been reissued and has remained unavailable since . It is now a collector's item , commanding high prices . It was only available on LP and cassette and was issued on CD - at least the censored version appeared on discount bins in shopping malls in Lisbon , Portugal , somewhere around 1996-1997 .

Side One:

1. Dog Food (Iggy Pop)
2. Dogs In Space (Michael Hutchence)
3. Win/Lose (Ollie Olsen)
4. Anthrax (Gang of Four)
5. Skysaw (Brian Eno)
6. True Love (Marching Girls)
7. Shivers (Boys Next Door) Vocals by Nick Cave

Side Two:

1. Diseases (Thrush & the C**ts) ( Thrush & the Cunts )
2. Pumping Ugly Muscle (The Primitive Calculators)
3. Golf Course (Michael Hutchence)
4. The Green Dragon (Michael Hutchence)
5. Shivers (Marie Hoy & Friends)
6. Endless Sea (Iggy Pop)
7. Rooms For The Memory (Michael Hutchence)

Size 116 MB
Format : Vinyl LP ( Limited Edition )
Label : Chase Records
Imported in Greece by ? Records
Bitrate 320


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  1. Κώστα το τσιμπάω το αλμπουμάκι αν και δεν έχω δει την τανία και δεν νομίζω να το έχω ακούσει το soundtrack. Αλλά τι να λέει... αν δε μαθαίνουμε δεν κάνουμε τίποτα.


  2. Αυτό το αυτοκολλητάκι σημαίνει CBS,τότε ήταν σύνηθες το φαινόμενο να έκοβαν τα LP στην Ελλάδα , συνήθως 1000 και τα κυκλοφορούσαν με εξώφυλλα εισαγωγής - συνήθως Ολλανδικά - έχω και γω μερικά τέτοια χα χα !