Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vodka Juniors : Dark Poetry 2008

VODKA JUNIORS is a Greek Band from Athens formed in 2000 and this incredible , great , lyric , Dub , Reggae , Punk album was released by the Cannonball crew , December 2007
I don' t want to write more comments about this album . The only thing I have to say is : JOE STRUMMER and BOB MARLEY are still alive in our soul.


Orestis : Guitars - drums - voices
Kostis : Guitars - voices - bass
Harry : Guitars - voices - percussion
Fudukis : Bass - percussion - piano

"Last year, every Friday we'd go to work with a secret smile... a dangerous, evil, arrogant smile.
After work a couple of friends drove to as far as possible from this shithole we live in, saw some of the most beautiful places, met some of the greatest people and had some of the craziest experiences of our lives. Every Saturday we'd get in a small room, bleed our guts out, scream, dance and become one soul. Just raw energy... A couple of hundred people packed in a room... bad sound, bad drinks, everyone in his own little world, everyone so alone but still for 2 hours we'd become one. Then suddenly silence... Monday morning back to work, with a bruised body, a fresh heart and a secret smile... For a couple of months it felt like living in the movie, so we called it the LiveClub... It became an addiction. Every Saturday you need your dose or you might errupt. This Christmas we took the club to foreign lands. This is our life"

CD 1

1. Sailing on
2. Whiskey and the rain
3. Blessed to be cursed
4. Break the silence
5. Dreaming and dreaming
6. Endless roads
7. Music' s all I got
8. Shadows in the sunset
9. Summer rain
10. Against the world
11. Naked in the rain
12. Burn
13. Of all the things I' ve lost
14. Nowhere close to home
15. Bedroom catwalk
16. Endless nights
17. King of the street
18. Bottle of hope
19. I wonder
20. Princess
21. Sleep

Size 122 MB
Bitrate 320
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As I lay in the shade with a bottle of wine
everything stops and the world is mine.
I fear no change cause it keeps me awake
changing skins in the sun like a snake.

New life, new rules every once in a while
and if I get lost for a moment in time
holding my glass I'll be there again
when the sun comes out after the rain.

I've got six strings and a thousand songs
for every single thing I've lost to sing so yeah,
I need some time away.

A world of memories in my heart
a collection of dreams is all I got.
People I've lost, lovers and friends
no matter the pain I got no regrets
cause we're all the same under the sun,
yeah we're all the same under the sun.

I raise my glass up to the sky
I'll get some sleep and then I'll fly away...
No I don't need no religion
no I don't believe in any god
my god is the sun
"No I don't need no religion, no I don't believe in any god, my god is the sun"

Many thanx to Orestis who gave me the permission to post this album on Urban Aspirines

CD 2

1. Bong
2. Hospital
3. Rise up
4. The masks are off
5. No religion
6. Dub and loud
7. We' re all going to Hell
8. Down south
9. Revenge of the dead
10. Early morning
11. Color of hate
12. All by myself
13. Remember this day
14. Where is my life ?
15. What freedom ?
16. Slow down
17. All we need is some gasoline

Size 159 MB
Bitrate 320
Take it HERE


  1. Το 'χω παραγγείλει εδώ κι ένα μήνα απ' το site τους κι ακόμα περιμένω να μου 'ρθει το CD. Μάλλον είναι ακόμα σε διακοπές και δεν τους νοιάζει να στείλουν CD.

    Ελπίζω να περνάτε καλά με το Θείο...

    Τα λέμε όταν γυρίσεις.

  2. Όταν γυρίσω θα σε φέρω σε επαφή με τα παιδιά της μπάντας, τα λιώματα άρχισαν, και ο Θείος σε χαιρετά.