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Conan The Barbarian

Meets the myth of Cthulhu


Dark night and dense fog cover the endless sea . A ship from Stygia follows "Tiger",the ship of the Black Corsairs of Conan .

Suddenly,in from the deep fog the Black Corsairs attack the Stygian ship.

Conan kills the Stygian captain and finds a whiteskin girl, from the frozen countries, jailed in the hold of the ship . She wears a necklace with shining gems on her neck.

After burning the Stygian ship,Conan and his crew return back on the "Tiger",but most of the men feel scared cause of the strange girl.

Days after, the Black Corsairs reach their refuge,a small village on the Silver Islands

Suddenly,the men from the village attack them.

Gomli has betrayed Conan and he has taken the power.

Afterwards from battlle ,Gomli overcomes Conan and the magician of the village certifies his death.

Silence falls upon the village and the night covers everything under a black veil.

N'Yaga,Conan's magician,had given a herb to him that made him resemble dead.

Conan rises from his grave ahd kills Gomlin's magician .

Like shadows in the night,Conan and his men escape from the village and sail their ship far away from the Silver Islands.
Gomlin decides to follow Conan's ship searching for revenge.

The white girl seeing the direction of the ship,feels very frightened and starts screaming the phrase "Tekeli-li".
Then,she tries to jump into the sea,but Conan saves her.Nobody knows the meaning of the phrase "Tekeli-li".

After a long journey across the ocean they reach in a strange frozen country.

The white girl promises to lead them to the place with the precious gems.

Full of surprise the Black Corsairs look the very tall mountains who stand in front of them.
The white girl says : These are "The Mountains of Madness"."They hide a ancient strange city without residents."

She leads them to the entry of a cave that leads to a deep tunnel.
Their march kept for many days,untill they reached in a colossal undersea city who seamed to be maden,certainly,by an insane mind.

Pictures of strange creatures from an ancient race are sculptured on the walls.
Their head have the form of a star,they have five bat feathers and their body ends to five tentacles.
There are also images of enormous creatures with a lot of tentacles.

Sudenlly,Gkomli and his men appear out of nowhere and the Black Corsairs run deeper in the tunnel.

Conan and his Black Corsairs continue going down the tunnel for hours and hours untill they reach the ruins of an other cyclopean city.

On the collapsed walls inside the city,they find sculptured pictures of the forms from the creatures that they had seen in the previous gigantic city.
Suddenly,they hear a very strange wistling sound : "Tekeli-li"."Tekeli-li"

Conan's men find the gems for that had come from so much far away.

Gomlin arrives in the cave kills the whiteskin girl and Conan kills Gomli.

The next moment,an enormous fearful creature appears slipping and wistling an awful sound : "Tekeli-li"."Tekeli-li".
It's an ancient existance of life that changes continuously it's form.
Thousands ephemerally terrible eyes take place and then they disappear like balls of green light."Tekeli-li"."Tekeli-li".
The creature is a "SHOGGOTH"and exterminates the men of Gomli.

Conan jumps on a big clefted stalactite that hangs from the roof of the cave and drifts it above the monster.

Soon,Conan and his companions leave behind them the horror that they met in the frozen seas,in search of new adventures.

Published in Greece 1986
Unknown Designer
Unknown Writer
If someone knows the auttors please tell us . Thnx

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  1. hi, congratulation for your magnificent blog, quite interesting comic of conan here, indeed, it has references or homages to HP Lovecraft, but de girl shouting Tekeli-li, its a reference to the Allan Poe´s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym f Nantucket, a strange story about an expedition to the antartic, that makes extraordinary discoverys.
    Its a good reading, though i foud it very difficult in the beggining, but becomes very intriguing and strange towards the finale.
    Again congratulations, you have a fine taste for music and and comic, greetings from Mexico