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The Celibate Rifles : Heaven On A Stick 1992 Flac & MP3

Playing stripped-down, loud, and fast Ramones-inspired guitar rock, the Celibate Rifles were one of the earliest Australian punk bands to emerge during the post-Radio Birdman/Saints era.

Taking their cues from these Aussie bands, along with the American hard rock of the Stooges, MC5, and Blue Oyster Cult, the Rifles were led by the twin-guitar attack of Kent Steedman and Dave Morris and the deadpan baritone of vocalist Damien Lovelock.

They exploded out of the gates in 1982 with a series of records (released in Australia only) fueled by high-speed guitars, wah-wah-strangulated solos, and cartoonish, tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

As they continued recording and maturing, the Rifles were unafraid to take risks with their tried-and-true loud-and-fast sound. Soon, acoustic guitars entered the mix, tempos slowed, pianos tinkled in the background, and vocal harmonies were added. None of this increased technical skill and studio experimentation diluted the band's strengths

in fact, it may well have made the Rifles a better and more interesting band. Another development was the increased politicization and social consciousness of their material. No longer were they simply sarcastic funny boys. Rather, they were addressing serious political, environmental, and social issues, thanks to Lovelock's sharp, insightful lyrics, all without any condescension or simplistic rhetoric.


Here in my Happy House our lives are plasticine
The world is this exciting place where
No-one's ever been
And we are individuals and everything's the same
No point in asking questions, there's
No-one to explain

Welcome to my Happy House
Welcome to my Happy House

All the girls are Barbie, and all the boys are Ken
Except for Jill and Jason, but we don't talk to them
If someone gets unhappy then they just disappear
We find problems so distasteful, we've no use for
Them 'round here

Welcome to my Happy House
Welcome to my Happy House

Sometimes I'm so happy, it takes away my breath
Sometimes I'm so happy, it scares me half to death

We prosper here in happy world and
We work hard until
We go home and drink our happy drinks and
Take our happy pills
With other happy couples living in
Their Happy House
We like to know that their house is
Not happier than ours

Welcome to my Happy House
Welcome to my Happy House


Vinyl ONE

A1 Light Of Life 3:17
A2 Cold Wind 4:33
A3 Happy House 4:35
B1 Excommunication 4:39
B2 S 'n' M T.V. 4:04
B3 Contemplating R.D. Laing (And The Bird Of Paradise) 2:22

Vinyl TWO

C1 G.D. Absolutely 2:44
C2 Dream Of Night 5:15
C3 Groovin' In The Land Of Love 3:11
D1 Electric Flowers 2:49
D2 Compared To What 3:03
D3 Outside My Window 8:05
D4 Wild Child 4:41

Label : Hot Records – 30071, Penguin – 30071(Greece), Festival Records(Australia) – L30736
Format : Vinyl, LP, Album, 33 RPM
Country : Australia
Imported by Penguin in Greece
Released : 1992
Genre : Rock
Style : Alternative Rock , Post Punk

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Vinyl One


MP3 # 320

Vinyl Two


MP3 # 320


  1. τι ωραία ένιωσα όταν το κράτησα φρεσκοαγορασμένο και μύρισα το βινύλιο... κι όταν άκουσα το "outside my window"-κι όχι μόνο- πολύ ωραίο άλμπουμ, μπράβο Κώστα!!!

    Βέβαια η Αυτσραλία είναι η αγαπημένη μου σκηνή, οπότε είμαικαι λίγο προκατειλημμένος.

  2. εξαιρετικο ποστ κυριε μου

    κατεβηκε μετα κοπου (ατιμο rapidshare...) και ανεβηκε στο youtube το αγαπημενο μου που δεν υπηρχε απο οτι ειδα μετα απο ενα μινι ψαξιμο...

    (εκανα και μια μικρη διαφημισις...ελπιζω να μην πειραζει)

  3. @ OOiOO : Καλά ξηγήθηκες και έκανες μία μικρή διαφήμισις.Μόλις είδα το βιντεάκι!