Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Cousteau : Nova Scotia 2005 Flac & MP3

Nova Scotia is the third album by Cousteau, released in 2005 on the Endeavour record label. It was subsequently released in the U.S. under the band name "Moreau" due to legal reasons on the One Little Indian label with two additional tracks . The US release also featured new artwork.

Davey Ray Moor had previously left the band leaving the main song writing duties to be taken over by lead singer Liam McKahey.

Vocalist Liam McKahey dutifully takes over the main songwriting duties, employing his signature baritone over crisp nightclub dirges ("Highly"), open-road epics ("Black Heart of Mine"), and even a track with handclaps ("Sadness").

There's nothing here that's going to convert the band's detractors, but for longtime fans of Cousteau, "Moreau" may just be the beginning of a successful evolution, not a last grasp at past glory.

"We thought it was the end and we were all feeling really emotional," says McKahey of Moor's departure. "But after a few pints, we'd decided to carry on and do it (the songwriting) ourselves. It was sink or swim, and we decided to swim."

This is the European release


Liam McKahey - Vocals
Joe Peet - Basses, Violin, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocal on "Sometime"
Robin Brown - Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tom Clues - Acoustic Guitar on "Sadness" and "Echoes"
Dan Moore - Piano, Melodica, Solina Strings, Mini Moog and Backing Vocals
Craig Veer - Drums and Percussion
John Eato - Saxophones on "Sadness"
Kirsa Wilkenschildt - Vibraphone on "Black Heart of Mine"
Blair Jollands - Backing Vocals on "Black Heart of Mine"


1. Sadness 3:06
2. Sometime 4:39
3. She's Not Coming Back 5:00
4. There She Goes 3:11
5. To Sail Away 4:25
6. Echoes 4:13
7. Black Heart Of Mine 6:36
8. Highly 3:47
9. Pia 2:35
10. Happening 4:14

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