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The Only Ones : EVEN SERPENTS SHINE 1979 Flac & MP3

Led by the raffish and slightly scuzzy romance-obsessed Peter Perrett, the Only Ones were one of the punk era's most underrated bands. Not as confrontational as the Sex Pistols, as politically indulgent as the Clash, or as stripped-down as the Ramones, the Only Ones played not-so-fast guitar rock that sounded deeply indebted to the New York Dolls and other mid-'70s proto-punks.

Singing his intelligently crafted pop songs in a semi-tuneful whine of a voice and backed by a band that effectively combined youthful exuberance with gracefully aging veterans (non-punk drummer Mike Kellie had done time with early-'70s clod-rockers Spooky Tooth, bassist Alan Mair was nearly 40), Perrett was an astute chronicler of the vagaries of modern, dysfunctional love.

Despite a career that lasted from 1978-1981 and one certifiable "hit" song to their credit (the brilliant "Another Girl, Another Planet"), the Only Ones became the archetypal contenders that never broke big, despite assurances from fans and critics that they couldn't miss.

Plenty of bands from the first wave of British punk sounded like they had learned a few things from the New York Dolls, but while most latched onto the sloppy crash and bash of Johnny Thunders' guitar, the Only Ones instead seemed more closely drawn to the witty cynicism and trashy romanticism of David Johansen's lyrics, and the Only Ones' tenuous link to the faster-and-louder gang was fading fast by the time they cut their second album, Even Serpents Shine.

While there's plenty of rock & roll on Even Serpents Shine, "Programme" is the only track that seems to approach four-square punk, and with its double-tracked guitar solos, sax overdubs, and backwards tape treatments it didn't have much in common with, say, the Damned or the Adverts.

Elsewhere, Even Serpents Shine more often recalls the heart-on-the-sleeve spirit of Mott the Hoople's glory days, merged with a leaner attack that still made room for John Perry's guitar heroics and Peter Perrett's wobbly but potently effective vocals.


1. From Here to Eternity 3:07
2. Flaming Torch 2:21
3. You've Got to Pay 2:49
4. No Solution 2:27
5. In Betweens 3:57
6. Out There in the Night 3:02
7. Curtains for You 4:18
8. Programme 2:11
9. Someone Who Cares 3:11
10. Miles from Nowhere 3:45
11. Instrumental

Bonus Tracks

12. Special View
13. Oh No
14. This ain't all (It's Made to be)

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Flac Size : 302 MB


  1. Great album, and a mighty fine band!

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  3. Εδωσες πάλι ρέστα φίλε..!!

  4. Thanks for this. Not heard it for a long time.

  5. hi and happy new year, could you re up in flac the serpent?
    thanx, jm

    1. New Flac link is ready now . Happy new year my ftiend