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Steve Forbert : Jackrabbit Slim 1979

Anointed "the new Dylan" upon his recording debut, Country-rock singer/songwriter Steve Forbert was born in Meridian, MS, in 1954. After learning guitar at age 11, he spent his high school years playing in a variety of local bands before quitting his job as a truck driver and moving to New York City at the age of 21.

There, he performed for spare change in Grand Central Station before working his way up to the Manhattan club circuit.

After signing to Nemperor, Forbert debuted in 1978 with Alive on Arrival, which earned critical acclaim for its taut, poetic lyrics.

The follow-up, 1979's Jackrabbit Slim, was his most successful outing, reaching the Top 20 on the strength of the hit single "Romeo's Tune" (allegedly inspired by the late Supreme Florence Ballard).

However, both 1980's Little Stevie Orbit and a self-titled 1982 effort fared poorly, and Forbert was dropped by his label.

He spent much of the decade in Nashville, where he continued honing his songwriting skills and performed regularly throughout the South.

On Stage at World Cafe Live appeared in 2007 from Decca Vision as well as a new studio set, Strange Names and New Sensations, from 429 Records that same year. The Place and the Time arrived in 2009.
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The Band :

Drums : Roger Clark (tracks: A1 to A4, B3 to B5)
Guitar [Lead] : Joe Goin
Organ, Accordion : Paul Errico
Piano : Bobby Ogdin
Producer : John Simon
Saxophone : Bill Jones (5)
Trombone : Dennis Good
Trumpet : Ron Keller
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica : Steve Forbert


1. Romeo's Tune 3:28
2. The Sweet Love That You Give 3:35
3. I'm In Love With You 4:47
4. Say Goodbye To Little Jo 3:52
5. Wait 5:31
6. Make It All So Real 5:54
7. Baby 4:12
8. Complications 3:41
9. Sadly Sorta Like A Soap Opera 3:40
10.January 23-30, 1978 4:37

Label : Epic EPC 83879
Year : 1979
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : Holland
Nemperor Records

This is one of the best Country-Rock Albums I've ever heard .
Trust me !!!

"The world is new in your newborn eyes
You got no shame and you tell no lies
Your slate is clean and your mind is free
Your soul is pure let it shine on me"

Take it HERE
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Flac : Size : 236 MB
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