Monday, March 05, 2012

Skin Erased - StoneDaze - VenuƧtoneD : Live in Athens 10-03-12

Skin Erased

Skin Erased came together in the mid 2007 featuring guitarist Nick Triantafillis, bass player John Drake, drummer Achileas Michael, vocalist Achilleas Dolias and guitarist Bill Avlonitis. The band’s sound is a blend of heavy rock atmosphere, groovy sharp riffs with southern rock elements.
With Nick Triantafillis and Achileas Michael as the main composers and John Drake as the basic lyricist the band is working on their debut release.


StoneDaze was formed at 2009 by guitarist Greg madog and drummer Dias .After a difficult period with ex-members the line up finaly filled by Alex as vocalist and Dimitris on bass.Our major influences are Black Sabbath, Bls, Down, Monster magnet etc. Our strong point is our love for Rocknroll. At this time the band is working on new ideas and step by step the first songs will appear to our profile. So tie your belts and get ready to lift off!! ...


VenuƧtoneD . Everything started at the end of 2008 and after some gigs through Greece and some line-up changes , the band decided to turn to a heavier music style and of course a name which would fit better to this change. From Thunderdolls to VenuStoneD. So here we are, aiming to give many live shows , covering songs from bands we love and introduce our own songs to you. Stay tuned and stay heavy!

10 Μαρτιου στο Roi Mat.
Διεύθυνση: Σολώμού 17-19 Εξάρχεια.
Τιμή εισητηρίου : 5 Ε
Ωρα έναρξης : 21:00

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