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The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band : Volume Two 1967

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band was an American psychedelic rock band of the late 1960s, based in Los Angeles, California.
If a band could ever be called an average psychedelic group, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band fit the bill.

This somewhat mysterious collection of L.A. players issued several albums in the late '60s that plugged into the era's standard folk-rock, freakouts, and trippy lyrics without establishing a solid identity of their own.

But because the currents they were riding were themselves so inspired, average in this case doesn't necessarily mean bad.

They cut a fair number of tracks, moving without rhyme or reason from straightforward Byrds and Kinks cops to zany orchestrated self-absorbed psychedelic pop to self-conscious exercises in hippy outrageousness (including, of all things, a cover of the Mothers' "Help I'm a Rock").

The band’s recording debut in 1966, Volume One, featured Michael Lloyd, Shaun Harris, Dennis Lambert (guitar) and Danny Belsky (drums), with Markley on some vocals.

It seems that much of the material was completed before the time Markley became involved. The rudimentary album included contemporary hits and original compositions and was recorded in a self-made studio on San Vincente Blvd, just outside Beverly Hills.
Recorded and released in 1967, Volume Two – Breaking Through was a more ambitious and coherent album, with all of the tracks credited either in whole or in part to members of the band.

It featured Markley’s anti-war rant "Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes?" – partly based on a speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt and later covered by Punk band T.S.O.L. – and the song "Smell of Incense", featuring Morgan’s guitar work and later covered by Southwest F.O.B. The album also started to demonstrate Markley’s lyrical obsession with young girls.

Though their legacy reeks of determined trendiness, the best of their output holds up reasonably well.

Year : 1967
Label : Reprise Records – RS 6270
Format : Vinyl LP
Made in : Germany
Genre : Rock
Style : Psychedelic Rock


1.    In The Arena     4:10    
2.    Suppose They Give A War And No One    Comes     3:38    
3.    Buddha     2:05    
4.    Smell Of Incence     5:47    
5.    Overture - WCPAEB Part II     1:28    
6.    Queen Nymphet     2:19    
7.    Unfree Child     3:58    
8.    Carte Blanche     2:42    
9.    Delicate Fawn     2:30    
10.  Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday     4:35


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