Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vodka Juniors : The Dark Show 18 - 12 - 2009

Dear brothers and sisters,

The sickest party in Athens is coming up on the 18th of December...

There will be sunsets, pirates, summers, colors, waves, stars and bottles
There will be loudness, fear, rage, gasoline, frustration, hatred and rollercoasters
There will be whiskey, darkness, rain, hope and ultimately silence

A one off show, so dont miss out. Three hours of dub/reggae/acoustic/punk/hardcore from all discography. Recruited 5 more members for this party... This is gonna be hell...!!!

Hope to see you there...

Tickets are NOW available at:

Rhythm Records Em.Mpenaki 74 Exarheia Athens
And online at

*** December 18th ***
Dear friends and family,

We 're BACK! and we're working on a "Big Project". Its coming up on the 18th of December in Athens

So check this date on your calendar make sure you're down in Athens. Tell your boss you ll be sick, tell your boyfriend you re going out with the sisters, tell your girlfriend you re watching football or come down together for the romantic night of a lifetime. If you re 8 or 9 invite your parents and if you re 40 or 50 bring your kids... This is gonna be hell... spread the word

...and now that we ve set up all these high expectations we need to be able to back it all up. So till then... we re locked up under the influence in the studio from 17:01 to 08:59... Fighting each other, getting prepared and making sure we can back up our words. There will be an update in the next days and as the song says ...remember this day...

Vodka Juniors

Take their double album HERE

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